The effective magnesium supplementation

The magnesium supplementation is effective only in  case the chosen product contains relevant quantity of active substance. In this regard MagnExpress product family is a good choice, since the consumption of a single portion is able to cover the daily magnesium need of a healthy adult.

HOWEVER, IT IS NOT ENOUGH  TO USE THE RIGHT PRODUCT! There are some mistakes that can reduce the supplementation’s effectiveness.  What should you pay attention on when you use the MagnExpress product family?

  • Do not drink carbonated beverages! Preservatives and acids used in the food industry can reduce the absorption of magnesium. Such additives can be found for example in coke-like drinks or in carbonated sports drinks.
  • Do not eat a lot of fatty food!
  • The presence of phytic acids in cereals, seeds and bran decreases the absorption of minerals including magnesium!
  • Avoid the consumption of high-oxalate foods (for example rhubarb, sorrel, spinach, beetroot, coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate)!
  • Pay attention to preservatives! Certain preservatives, for example benzoic acid (E210) is commonly used in food industry. It shows interaction with magnesium, and impairs its utilization. Aspics, dips and sauces often contain benzoic acid. Together with sorbic acid E210 is a popular additive for chewing gums, candied fruits, and low-carb foods.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, because it worsens the situation twice. On the one hand alcohol inhibits the absorption of magnesium, on the other hand it is acting to increase magnesium excretion from the body.

Of course, all these above-mentioned issues do not mean you can never eat spinach. However at least 2 hours should be left between eating food and taking the product with magnesium.

Keeping these principles in mind, MagnExpress product family can provide an adequate supply from magnesium!

The trendiest food supplements may also be money thrown out of the window if you do not know the mistakes you should avoid during magnesium-supplementation.

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Struggling with painful muscle cramp?

Do you know the unpleasant and painful feeling when muslce pain suddenly pops up?
The cause of painful calf cramp can be magnesium deficiency. It’s more common at an elder age but it can also occur in case of intensive sport activity amongst young people also. Magnesium contributes to the normal functioning of the muscle, so the proper magnesium intake is essential at every age.

Tiredness? Fatigue?

You know that there’s a tough day ahead? You will be arriving late at home and there’s even more to do at home too? Magnesium can be a natural way of help, as it contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Take a small brake during the day and drink a tasty lemon flavoured magnexpress® forte granule. You don’t need to take care about rinsing as it dissolves clearly as water.
Consume it regularly and see how the days start easier.

Every day rush?

Probably most of as are aware of the feeling: overwhelmed. Keeping the deadlines, organising household, raising children and many other things which can pop in an adult’s everyday life.
We need to be prompt at many situations, in many cases, which are not always easy to make. In a world full of challenges we can often feel that things just do not work the way we planned. During periods like this we also need to think about ourselves are we taking enough amount of magnesium? Magnesium contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system. We can get through everyday hurdles by keeping our magnesium intake at an appropriate level.

Active sport activites?

During active sport activities our body has a higher need for magnesium. As the muscle work gets more intense the appropriate amount and quality of magnesium is indespensable. The magnesium contributes not only to the normal muscle function but to the normal protein synthesis too.
As an active athlete, muscle mass raising can be a priority issue which can often be reached by a diet containing higher levels of protein.
During sporting many minerals leave our body, which loss can lead to unbalanced electrolyte levels in our body. To avoid this it is more than important to pay attention to our magnesium intake, as magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance.

Healthy and nice teeth?

It is probably important for yourselves to have a demanding appearance and to smile with healthy teeth. One of the most important element of our well-groomed appearance are our teeth. It can also be the rootcause of many diseases if our teeth are not cherised in a prompt way, or there’s lack of oral hygiene.
Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth. This way we can have a smile full of confidence for a long time.


Osteoporosis is one of the most common diseases at an elder age. the reason behind osteoporosis can be related with the reduced amount of dairy products and also their porr quality. paying attention and being careful is basic in this case but our body needs to be supported by extra magnesium. It is know that calcium and magnesium contribute to the maintenance of normal bones. Taking it on a regular base the probability of osteoporosis can decrease.