The effective magnesium supplementation

The magnesium supplementation is effective only in  case the chosen product contains relevant quantity of active substance. In this regard MagnExpress product family is a good choice, since the consumption of a single portion is able to cover the daily magnesium need of a healthy adult.

HOWEVER, IT IS NOT ENOUGH  TO USE THE RIGHT PRODUCT! There are some mistakes that can reduce the supplementation’s effectiveness.  What should you pay attention on when you use the MagnExpress product family?

  • Do not drink carbonated beverages! Preservatives and acids used in the food industry can reduce the absorption of magnesium. Such additives can be found for example in coke-like drinks or in carbonated sports drinks.
  • Do not eat a lot of fatty food!
  • The presence of phytic acids in cereals, seeds and bran decreases the absorption of minerals including magnesium!
  • Avoid the consumption of high-oxalate foods (for example rhubarb, sorrel, spinach, beetroot, coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate)!
  • Pay attention to preservatives! Certain preservatives, for example benzoic acid (E210) is commonly used in food industry. It shows interaction with magnesium, and impairs its utilization. Aspics, dips and sauces often contain benzoic acid. Together with sorbic acid E210 is a popular additive for chewing gums, candied fruits, and low-carb foods.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, because it worsens the situation twice. On the one hand alcohol inhibits the absorption of magnesium, on the other hand it is acting to increase magnesium excretion from the body.

Of course, all these above-mentioned issues do not mean you can never eat spinach. However at least 2 hours should be left between eating food and taking the product with magnesium.

Keeping these principles in mind, MagnExpress product family can provide an adequate supply from magnesium!

The trendiest food supplements may also be money thrown out of the window if you do not know the mistakes you should avoid during magnesium-supplementation.

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