Warnings, accidental side effects

  • Toxicity: Magnesium overdose can not ever happen because body excretes the excess and defecates it into the urine. Taking magnesium for a longer period of time can be toxic if calcium and phosphorous is taken in parallel in a larger amount.
  • People suffering from renal failure do not use magnesium containing products or only if the doctor says. The unnecessary magnesium excretes via the kidneys and if it can’t happen in a sufficient way, too high magnesium concentration in the blood can occur, which is an unwanted incidence.
  • In case of bacterial infection common tetracyclines can have a worse absorption if taken at the same time with magnesium.
  • In case of larger amounts of magnesium side effects like diarrhea, dizziness and vomiting can occur. It can only cause more serious problems (for example: muscle weakness, lethargy, gasp) if body can not excrete the unnecessary magnesium, so overdose takes part.