Sport and demand of magnesium

In case of athletes, body builders there is an even higher need for magnesium, so the body can have the sufficient amout of oxygen and can heal from the accidental injuries. Musclework induces energy metabolism. Magnesium converts blood sugar into energy. For the optimal performance they need to take care of their enough nutrient intake. Sufficient magnesium intake indeed is really important because the empowering mineral is being heavily excreted during sweating while sporting. Without magnesium muscles could not be relaxed after contracting. That is also why it’s necessary for athletes to balance lack of magnesium and water in the regenerating phase.

Example for the magnesium need: 80 kg x 5 mg = 400 mg magnesium need

Hint: It is said to be the best option to take magnesium in right after sporting. Taking magnesium before doing sport is not recommended, because the high dose of magnesium has a relaxing and slightly laxative effect and the performance can be deteriorated.