Sources of magnesium

  • Magnesium can not be made by our body, but fortunately we can replace it from many other sources.
  • As it was already mentioned magnesium can’t be syntheized by our body so we need to take care of the needed amount. Unfortunately the food we eat is not always suitable for this, the magnesium content of the soil is constantly decreasing due to the commonly used artificial fertilizers, yielding that less and less magnesium ends up in our food. Consuming food with higher fat content also increases the need for magnesium. With a composed diet these deficits can be replaced, for this the most important sources are potato, vegetables, fishes, pulses, stone fruits. The necessary magnesium level can be guaranteed with magnesium containing food supplements, of which there’s a wide range in the pharmacies that can be bought without prescription.
  • Much magnesium can be found in the seaweed, in wheat bran and germ, in almond, in cashews and in soy. It’s true in general that oilseeds, cereals (meaning the whole-grained flour), pulses, darkgreen leaf vegetables contain a remarkable amount of magnesium. Next to this figs, lemon, grapefruit, corn and apple are also important sources of magnesium.