How does magnesium help?

Lack of magnesium can have many reasons and due to its complex physiological effects the lack of it can induce wide range of symptoms.

  • Magnesium performs many tasks in our body, it is responsible for the neurotransmission of magnesium to muscles and nerves. If this mineral does not exist in an adequate quantity, the body reacts with cramps and stress.
    The annoying and often painful leg cramps often disturb our sleep, because they often occur during night or in the early morning hours. The reason of leg cramps and stress is often the lack of magnesium. As we get older the tendency for this is increasing. Mainly elder people can complain on pains like this. The aim of leg cramp therapy is to replace the amount of magnesium to eliminate the deficit. The success of the therapy is determined by the effective active ingreients and their dosage.
    Next to stress and cramps the body can sign the deficit of magnesium with other function damages. Itchiness and numbness in the legs and arms can also be a sign of not sufficient magnesium intake.
  • Women taking birth control tablets and/or estrogen are recommended to take higher amounts of magnesium. It can also ease pains during the periods.